Sex Battle with Kujou Sara 1440p 60fps English Sub


The seventh episode of Shantianxiaohi’s Genshin Collection series, this time featuring Kujou Sara. The second part of the Inazuma Sex Wives Arc, Sara is here to avenge her boss, and what initially seems like a pretty easy win for the Traveler, goes poorly when she reveals phase 2 and goes full Tengu mode, and completely dominates the poor guy without remorse, and then has a gangbang with her own squad because she isn’t satisfied yet. Luckily Yae Miko is here to save the day as usual, where would our lucky traveler be without her.
Shantianxiaohi’s foot fetish on full display here, they make sure Sara’s feet get plenty of closeups, and even replace her tengu geta sandals with his favorite high heels, eventually just going bare foot, for the phase 2. This is also the only sex battle video they made where the man technically loses, and has to have Yae Miko bail him out, and help him win the next one. No achievement ui this time, unless getting squeezed dry counts as an achievement, which it should. They had considered making an NTR followup based on the options presented at the end, but decided against it when comments pretty much all agreed they wanted more harem content.

Song used in this video is Cake Face by Steve Aoki.

Date: May 15, 2024
Actors: Shantianxiaozhi

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